We are an integrated communication agency founded on strong values such as pragmatism, flexibility, rapidity, experience and creativity.

Our professional staff is able to develop projects in all areas of communication, ranging from advertising to below the line, from web to outfitting, from events to public relations.

The two owners of Factory, Marco Cantuseno and Marco Marchesi, are the first accounts of the agency, as they are great experts in business realities, so that a service tailored on the needs of customers can be assured.

The history

Factory is an agency established in 1992, a small organization which later became a sound reality, thanks to a long-lasting collaboration with its customers and the development of new business areas.

The persons

Our professionals move along all aspects of communication with creativity and great motivation, thanks to their know-how of different markets and sales channels.

The organization

2 partners, 4 accounts, 4 art directors, 5 graphic designers, 1 copywriter, 2 web designers, 3 designers and 3D designers, 5 photo-lithographers, 2 P.R. press office, 2 event managers, 1 secretary, 1 administration manager.


Press, Posting, Radio, TV.

Our campaigns are recognised by customers and the press as highly effective, creative and reliable.

Media Planning

We know the great importance of a good advertising planning strategy on communication media. This is the reason why, in addition to incessantly and efficiently pursuing our initiatives, we have also developed strong relationships with licensors of spaces.


Below the line

Catalogues and brochures

Not just work tools, but original and effective creations that interpret our customers’ communication.

Point of Sale Material

We develop creative, practical and innovative projects capable of rendering spaces prestigious, and effectively convey the message.

Promotions and contests

Our sight is set on an involving creativity, focused on marketing aspects to optimize the needs of our customers and contacts with consumers.


We combine forms and colours to leave a mark and facilitate identification processes, call forth emotions and participate in positioning a product on the market.

Corporate identity

We use the image and message of brands to create a recognisable, familiar and uniform identity.


Design and 3D Design

Corner shop

Practical, comfortable and flexible, our stage design always attracts the attention of consumers with a pleasant and surprising approach.


Innovation, design, creativity are the benchmarks by which we measure the environment and enrich it with emotion and vision.


Flexible and modular structures, the fruit of a state-of-the-art design that employs the most innovative materials, are our proposal to make the most of the presence of our customers at exhibition stands.

3D Models

Last generation software, state-of-the-art design and creativity are the tools which we use to develop three-dimensional graphic solutions capable of illustrating in minute detail architectural projects and objects befitting all environments.




From design to entertainment, we attend to the organization to the end of meeting any business requirements for all kinds of events.


Whether it is a prestigious or a design location, a meeting or a company anniversary, our service always proves to be impeccable and tailored to the needs of our customers.

Road Show, Touring Tours, sampling activity

Thanks to our skilled staff and versatile logistic qualities, our offering in this area is the ideal solution for this type of activity.


Web and New Media

Viral marketing

“Viral”, “social” and “guerrilla”: our modern and alternative strategies to supplement and support media plans at best.

New media

DEM (Direct email marketing), newsletters, banners are the new means of communication which we increasingly use to help businesses communicate with the new digital target.

Social media management

From Facebook to Twitter, from Linkedin to Youtube, the “social” world is the new virtual marketplace where to become a household name. Had-hoc languages and images are the key to be really effective in these areas.

Video production

Emotional images to bring in, studied scripts to attract the attention, modern rhythms and musical involvement. Our videos know how to entertain customers, by communicating with attractiveness and efficiently.


Modern and appealing artworks, fast surfing and indexation on key web search engines: from these fundamental points our sites bring communication throughout the network.


PR & Media relation

Factory manages the Public Relations of its customers by studying, planning and implementing integrated PR strategies for the diffusion of key messages. Moreover, our many and well-established relations with journalists of a number of newspapers assure great visibility of our customers on the press and websites.


Outfitting and warehousing

Our skilled staff is perfectly capable of quickly fitting all types of spaces and environment thanks to great experience and a remarkable organizing ability. Moreover, at our premises we have a large space used as a warehouse for goods placed in our custody by customers.


Photolithograph digital print

The direct and fast collaboration with the Photolithography enables us to speed up the procedures of printing processes and to strategically take advantage of a service that is fundamental for the quality of work.